Spinning Yarns through the generations

Stork Brothers was founded in 1863, when 31 year old Joseph Stork built Bay Hall Mills
to establish the company with his brother Thomas. The growth of the hosiery industry in the Midlands fuelled demand for woollen spun yarn, powering the business for 100 years, until new markets were opened in apparel, hand knitting and woollen upholstery.

In 1973, after four generations, the company was acquired by British Mohair Spinners, which itself was taken over in 2000. To safeguard the textile supply chain and innovate new products, Camira first invested in the business then took full ownership in 2013.

Latest News

Camira Yarns Ltd Quality Standard

Camira Yarns Ltd have been accredited with the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

The Quality Policy of Camria Yarns is to demonstrate and achieve quality throughout all levels of activity and to ensure that the company meets its customers requirements in all aspects

Our Products

At Camira Yarns, yarns are produced with a count range of 0.6Nm to 10Nm, in single and folded. The twisted yarn is supplied on a 10 inch traverse cone, single yarn is supplied on a 8 inch traverse cone. The weight or base size of both can be specified.

Woollen Yarn Spinning

Woollen yarn spinning converts short staple fibres into yarn which can be woven or knitted into fabric.

Blending combines raw textile fibres intimately together.
Carding disentangles fibres and combs them into a continuous sliver.
Spinning draws out and twists the sliver to give both length and strength.
Winding winds the spun yarn on to a cone ready for the next process.


Blending - On site blending is in operation though three dedicated lines; coloured, white and speciality blends - Oils and additives can be applied to blends to specification - All types of staple fibre can be accommodated - Dedicated white production line ensures yarns are colour contamination free - Colour alterations / additions all done on site.

Carding - Seventeen 60 inch carding machines with huge flexibility on batch size - 3 metre carding machine for larger batch sizes. This card has the latest technology giving high quality yarns - Expertise in carding facilitates efficient processing of a wide range of fibres from fine lambs wool and cashmere blends through to heavy count double condensed yarns.

Spinning - Spinning plant includes 15 traditional woollen spinning frames enabling flexibility - A mecatronic machine enables production of volume lots - The largest spinning frame has a central headstock with 386 spindles, making it one of the biggest plants in Europe.

Winding - Thermal splicing Savio winder gives splices of superior strength and minimal visibility - Advanced yarn clearers to ensure yarn is fault free - Yarn available on cones for package dyeing or steamed with a base size to suit the creel and end use - A commission winding service is available - Facilities to assembly wind up to 8 ends onto cheeses for further processing into twisted yarn.

Twisting - Volkmann 2 for 1 twister with a capability to handle a range of natural and synthetic fibre yarns - Commission twisting service for packages to specified weight or base size - 8 ends can be plied together.

Steaming - Yarns can be steamed to customers specification - Single or double steam options - Commission yarn facility is available.

Quality Assurance / Colour Matching - Production staff have undergone in house quality training to ISO 9001 - Rigid procedures and specification are in place to ensure a high quality yarn production - Laboratory facility has the capability of matching new colours, development work etc. - Routine testing includes; colour passing, strength, count, twist, composition etc.

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